Like! Like! Like!

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I hate it when I’m being solicited for LIKES. “can you please like my STATUS”, “Please LIKE my PAGE”, “please support my friend’s photo by liking” blah blah blah. What the hell! What’s with all the solicitation of likes. Just to be POPULAR? I get it. There are some competitions who deserve this kind of solicitation but really, your FACEBOOK STATUS? Why?

Social networking LIKE

I’m sure you have been a victim of these “I’m hungry for attention” people. I mean, why not let people LIKE what they LIKE? There’s this thing called “respect your own opinion” you don’t have to manipulate it.

It’s really annoying don’t you think? What’s even more annoying is when these people are like asking other users to like a photo who’s a candidate in a pageant or some beauty competition, the moment you open the link and see the photo you just wanna shoot your head and die. BANG! RIGHT! TALKING ABOUT GUTS EH?

There’s even more annoying than that. People who creates their OWN FAN PAGES for some reason they think they’re TOO POPULAR they have to create a Facebook page of their own for their IMAGINARY FANS. This is why I don’t refer ALICE IN WONDERLAND or PETER PAN for children to watch, it’s too imaginary that they might create their own fantasies when they grow up, just like these FAMEWHORES.

I ADMIT, I once tried soliciting for LIKES for my Facebook Page but it is prely for business but I somehow feel guilty after sending the message to random people I dont even personally know, so I didn’t continue it anymore. Instead, I just post it on my Facebook wall and let those who read my status do what they please.

So for all of you FAMEWHORES and SH*T HEADS who bothers peoples lives just to gain attention and fame, you might wanna rethink pressing the SEND button. And for those like me who loathe being imposed on such think, there’s always the UNFRIEND/BLOCK button.


*post a commwnt if you experienced the same*


Here comes the Titan and Flare!

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Iv’e been browsing the insta world two days back and I stumbled upon Anne Curtis’ instagram account with her first picture taken from her ANNEdroid Cherry Mobile Flare. As soon as I saw the CHERRY MOBILE word in her photo caption, I gasped.

Follow Anne Curtis on Instagram (@annecurtissmith)

The picture was sharp and perfect and it looks like it was taken from an iPhone or a Samsung smartphone. I hastily Googled the Cherry Mobile Flare and Titan, I was astonished when I saw the pictures and the unbelievable reviews about them. I told myself that I should get myself one of these. Most of the reviews (if not all) are agreeing on the same thing, Cheap price for a SUPER SMARTPHONE. Unbelieveble? believe it.

Cherry Mobile Titan (6,499)


Display: 5 inch capacitive display, 800×480 resolution
OS: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
CPU: 1GHz dual-core processor MediaTek MT6577
GPU: PowerVR SGX531
Memory: 512MB RAM
Storage: 4GB internal
External Storage: up to 32GB via microSD
Camera Rear: 5 megapixel camera with flash
Camera Front: VGA
Data: HSPA+ 21Mbps, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, WiFi hotspot, Bluetooth 2.1
Features: GPS w/ aGPS support, Dual-SIM, Dual-Standby
Battery: 2350mAh


Cherry Mobile Flare (3,999)


Display: 4 inch IPS capacitive at 800×480 resolution
OS: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
CPU: Qualcomm MSM8225 Snapdragon S4 1.2GHz dual-core processor
GPU: Adreno 203
Memory: 512MB RAM
Storage: 4GB internal
External Storage: up to 32GB via microSD
Camera Rear: 5 megapixel camera with flash
Camera Front: VGA
Data: HSPA+ 21Mbps, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, WiFi hotspot, Bluetooth 2.1
Features: GPS w/ aGPS support, Dual-SIM, Dual-Standby
Battery: 1600mAh

See below comparison in game performance:


I personally haven’t een any of these HOT gadgets out in the market since it’s always out of stock. But according to a few people who own either of these are extremely satisfied with their performance and they told me that the gadgets are living by their names, Titan and Flare.


Job hunter?

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 So this is my first blog for the year… I’ve been a little lazy to write lately… sorry… lol

Anyways, the past few weeks have been very productive for me. Job interviews here and there. Now I want to share my observations and give some tips to those who plan on applying for a job here in the Philippines.

#1: Always have a printed resume. I applied to this distributing company 2 weeks ago and two of the other applicants are not bringing any resume’s with them. They were asked to leave and come back when they have their resume’s with them. Ano nga naman ang magiging basis ng interview if wala kang resume. And who goes to a job interview na walang resume?

#2. DON’T EVER PUT A WACKY PHOTO IN YOUR RESUME. When I was still working as a recruitment assistant, some of the applications we received online were a bunch of crazy heads. Sino ba namang normal na tao ang maglalagay ng picture nya sa resume na na crop yung katabi nya sa picture habang naka peace sign? Matino ba yung naka studio shot nga na picture pero ang pose eh pang model? If you don’t have a formal 1×1 or 2×2 photo, wag na kayong maglagay. Please lang. And according to a Yahoo articleI read,  most of Recruitment Officers in the US prefer na walang picture ang resume. Coz it somehow affects the application. Like if the other candidate for the position is good looking and the other is not, they’ll most likely call the good looking one for an interview than the latter. And I honestly think that it also works here satin. and beware din sa mga magaganda at gwapo, hindi ibig sabihin na maganda ang picture nyo eh pwede nyo ng ipost din, according to the article in Yahoo, hindi rin kayo safe. Coz may mga tao din na ayaw na nasasapawan ang kanilang itsura. So better not include your photo just to be safe (this goes for online application).

#3. Always bring an extra pen, a BLACK pen. Just in case you lost the other, at least you have a spare. It’s like high school, a seatmate will most likely to ask if you have an extra pen. It never fails. Tama? I’m sure most of you guys were asked by a co-applicant for a pen. If not, baka ikaw yung nanghihiram.

#4. Dress appropriately. During my job hunt, I noticed that most applicants are either wearing shirts, jeans or shorts. YES. no kidding. May mga naka short na nagaapply. I felt awkward at ako pa talaga ang nahiya sa kanila coz I was all dressed up. Longsleeves, black leather shoes, vest, complete with black slacks. I felt like I was overdressed and ako pa ang na outcast. Prepare something formal to wear during a job interview. Kahit na ano man yang inaaplayan mo, you still have to present yourself well and not look like someone who just got up from bed and decided to apply for a job. First impression still says a lot to the interviewer, being well dressed is a plus point to the interviewer(s).

#5. Be prepared. If the nature of the company is BPO/call center, mag practice kanang mag English. Kung sa sales, marketing strategies mo. Think of all the possible questions that the interviewer may ask. Filter all the unnecessary things that are irrelevant to the position you are applying for. Expect typing exams para sa mga nagaapply sa mga BPO/Call center companies and jobs that require speed in typing ( At hindi nawawala ang written exams syempre, kung hindi analytical yan, malamang personality test.

#6. READ/LISTEN TO INSTRUCTIONS WELL. Wag kayong ‘Globe’ na Go lang ng Go. Makinig at magbasa. Especially sa written exams. Simple instructions like encircle the letter or check the box pwede nyong ika bagsak. Wag mag mamagaling lalo na dimo naman alam ang exam. It’s always better to read. May allotted time sa mga exams, maximize it. Make reading a habit!

#7. COME ON TIME! Wag kayong Filipino time. Kayo tong nangangailangan ng trabaho hindi ang company. Pag sinabing 8am dapat before 8am nandun na kayo. The interviewers may be late, bu you can’t take it against them, but if you’re late, they can take it against you. Face it, being late esp. sa job interview says a lot about the personality of the applicant.  And if you’re late, kahit na valid pa para sa inyo yan, DO NOT EVER REASON OUT sa interviewer, it just kind of pisses them off. Just apologize for your being late. PERIOD.

#8. Do a research about the company or ask anyone who works for the company kung ano ang nature ng business nila. It’s a common knowledge na most interviewers usually ask the applicant what they know about the company.

#9. If you’re not familiar with the location of the company, ask. Kung sa online ka lang naghanap ng work at hindi ka familiar sa lugar, ASK GOOGLE MAPS o di kaya yung kumontak (tawag/text) sayo to let you know of the schedule of your interview. It’s always better to ask kaysa sa maging tanga ka at mapagod sa kakahanap sa lugar. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be NO.

#10. If you’re not applying in a BPO/call center company. Wag ka ng mag English lalo na pag di kaya ng RAM ng utak mo. Baka mag overheat. And or, during the interview, if magaling ka naman sa inglisan eh di rin ibig sabihin na dapat English ang sagot mo all the time. when you’re asked by the interviewer in Filipino or in your local dialect, ganun din ang isagot mo.

#11. Smile during the interview. It helps you relax and it gives the interviewer a notion that you are easy to deal with. And lahat ng tao bagay ang naka ngiti.

#12. Have a fresh mint with you. I always have mint candies. It gives me confident to talk. And maawa naman kayo sa interviewer or sa ibang applicants kung mabaho hininga ninyo. Mint also helps in relaxing your mind.

#13. Lastly, confirm your interview schedule. If you were notified of your interview schedule a few days before the interview date, call or text yung tumawag or naginform sa inyo. Iba-iba ang schedule ng mga company, maraming applicants nagaapply mostly and they dont have much time to text each one of their applicants if their interview was moved or what. So it’s always better to make a follow up. If they don’t reply, that doesn’t mean hindi tuloy. Proceed with the interview schedule they gave you. Ganun lang talaga yung iba hindi na narereplayan yung mga applikante kasi maraming ginagawa.

As of now, I still hadn’t found a job suitable for me. I sent my resume to over 15 companies yata and matagal talaga yung iba bago tumawag. Yung ibang tumawag sakin this week 2 weeks ago pako nag submit ng resume. it’s always better to submit your resume’s to not only one company. Mas marami, mas maraming choices. 😉

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This is fun to read…

Nature’s Call APP

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Well I think everyone will agree with me when I say that it sucks when you’re in the middle of an unfamiliar place and you gotta do your thing. Well, there’s an APP for that! The said app will soon be available on Google Play , sorry Apple users LOL.

Anyways, “The app doesn’t just tell you that there’s a toilet nearby – it also gives you an idea if that toilet is paid or not, and if it has water, soap and separate or common stalls installed for both sexes. The app does this by utilizing Google Maps and also tells you how to get to the toilets in question.” how cool is that?


I’ll definitely download this APP. It’s of great use especially for travelers. 😉


Source: HERE

Most anticipated tech products for 2013

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Xbox 720Right now you’re probably pretty happy with the available gadgets on the market. Phones can do almost anything, cars nearly drive themselves and video games have never looked more fantastic.

How much better can it get?

Well, that’s a matter of opinion. If you’re still writing letters on paper with a #2 pencil, you probably don’t care. (Also, you’re awesome if you still do that. It’s a dying art.) However, if you’ve found this story, chances are you want to know what cool things you might be playing with next year. Many of these are based purely on speculation, but that’s part of the fun.

And so begins your Christmas list for 2013:

1. Xbox 720

The latest tech reports on Microsoft’s next console – tentatively named the Xbox 720 or Xbox Loop  – state the chipset has already been in production and game developers are working hard on new titles. The machine should be on shelves in time for Christmas, 2013.

Rumors that the new Xbox will simply be an update to the existing 360 are bunk, same to the theory that it will run on Windows. What is likely is that the system will launch at a cheaper price point than the 360. This could mean a new Microsoft console for under $300. You can bet the new console will be smaller than its predecessor and that Microsoft will continue to push the Kinect peripheral. Despite the company’s interest in casual and motion-based games, expect the next Xbox to continue Microsoft’s appeal to hardcore gamers.

2. Playstation 4

The history of video game consoles is marked by generations. As these things go, this has been a long generation. Nintendo got out ahead with this year’s release of the Wii U, but it’s still unclear how their machine will stack up against the next generation of consoles coming from Sony and Microsoft.

Sony is known for standing behind its consoles – you can still buy a Playstation 2 off the shelf today and that thing is over a decade old.

They’re not saying much about the next console, but speculation is understandably rampant. Industry analyst Michael Pachter said he doubts Sony wants to launch behind Microsoft again, which supports the theory of a 2013 launch for Sony’s next console. If the PlayStation 2 is any indication, the PlayStation 3 will likely remain a hit for the company for years after their new console is released.

3. Blackberry 10

Much to the dismay of Blackberry fans, the promised 2012 release never happened. This earned them a place on our 2012 Technology Flops piece.

Research in Motion (RIM), the maker of the BlackBerry smartphone, plans to unveil the new BlackBerry 10 operating system in January. That is (hopefully) good news for a company that recently sacked hundreds of employees and lost contracts with the US government over security and reliability issues with RIM products.

RIM has fallen from one of the largest smartphone makers in the world to trailing behind Apple and Android products. The Blackberry 10 is a make or break product for the company. So far, early reports are positive. The new browser is allegedly faster than anything on the market and a QWERTY keyboard version is said to be available soon after the touch screen version is launched.

4. Microsoft Surface Pro

The Surface RT is already for sale as a tablet/notebook, but the Surface Pro will have a full version of Windows 8 and will support any Windows 7 apps. It will be packed with an Intel Core 15 processor and a display that supports 10-point multi-touch and stylus input.

The result could be a terrific laptop and tablet all in one package that could be powerful enough to warrant the $900 price point.
Expect to see these roll out in January.

5. iPad 5

You don’t think Apple is done building their Death Star, do you?

In another move sure to separate consumers from their cash, the iPad 5 will likely be ready for Christmas, 2013 at the latest. Expect it to share some touch screen technology from the iPad Mini to make it lighter and slimmer.

While the iPad Mini is selling well and it feels like the iPad 4 was released 10 minutes ago, it is likely that Apple will look to solidify their reign of the tablet market in the face of Microsoft’s Surface by pushing the iPad 5. Meanwhile, an iPhone 5S is probably in the works, if not a full-blown iPhone 6.

6. Amazon Phone

Amazon answered the tablet call with its fleet of Kindles, now it’s looking to the smartphone world.

In line with their Kindle philosophy, Amazon’s phone will likely be heavy on software integration and light on bleeding edge hardware. Amazon users will want to stay in their ecosystem of Amazon’s Appstore, Amazon MP3, Amazon Cloud Player and Kindle books.

This phone will do all of those things; likely for a low price since the company will offset hardware costs with the money consumers will spend on their stuff. Amazon will leverage its octopus-like reach into every area of entertainment to make this phone a logical choice for people caught in their tentacles.
You could see these by summer, 2013.

7. Augmented reality glasses

These sci-fi specs are finally getting closer to reality; as close as mid-2013, according to some tech experts. Google and Vuzix are working on models that are similar to headsets, projecting an image in front of the wearer’s eye.

Not surprisingly, the unit will connect to your phone via Bluetooth, displaying e-mail, texts, directions, stock quotes or anything else you can’t seem to live without for 10 seconds.

8. Fujitsu Lifebook 2013

The Fujitsu Lifebook 2013 is a concept device designed by Prashant Chandra. It’s the result of a competition the company ran in 2011. The Transformer of tech gadgets, the Lifebook 2013 features a digital camera, smart-phone and a tablet – all of which can be detached and used individually. Each component has its own CPU and could run on the same operating system. No one is sure if Fujitsu will make these in 2013, but a lot of people are hoping so.

MIT’s folding car – The Hiroko

Folding car

The Massachusetts Institution of Technology (MIT) is expected to release the Hiroko in Europe and select American markets in 2013. The car is able to “fold up,” which allows three of them to occupy a typical parking space.

The Hiroko’s front windshield is also the car door, which lets you park the car facing the sidewalk and step right into the pedestrian space. Its “robot wheels” allow the Hiroko to turn on a dime and its steering wheel is a wide screen LCD panel.

The Hiroko currently has a 75-mile range and seems destined to be put into service in ZipCar-themed programs given the crowded nature of European streets.

Samsung bendy phones

10. Smartphones that bend
When fashion and technology meet, good things can happen. Sometimes.

This might be the case with bendy screen smartphones. Samsung has already shown its OLED display technology, which means this tech could be in our hands – or wrapped around our wrists – in 2013. It’s likely to be called the Galaxy Skin and will feature everything you expect in a smartphone – camera, high-res screen and a decent processor.

What’s your favorite tech pieces? Mine are the Lifebook, Folding Car and of course the Bendy Phones… 😉

Source: HERE

Merry Christmas

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How’s your holidays so far?

Did you receive your first gift? First christmas card? Or a greeting maybe? Well, times like this come every year yet the feeling of Christmas being near is just soooo stressful. Lol i know i know, it’s FUN too but more stressful and tiring.

Why? I think you know why. Christmas parties  almost everyday from your co-workers to friends to family to college classmates and so on and so forth. From thinking where to get money for aguinaldos to your more than 20 inaanaks. To the Christmas outfits that you have to buy. Tell me if isn’t that much of a stress and trouble. Lol

But what I love about the yuletide season is that everyone is NICE (okay not everyone, most lol). From  your neighbor who doesnt even say hi even once if not christmas, and people who you dont even know strangely smile at you. More like weird than nice. Hahaha

Well everyone seem to be very busy at something during this time of year. Traffic is abundant even for some streets and blocks that you think no one knows except you are filled with vehicles too. This is why i prefer to stay at home and indulge myself with food. I am health concious but Hey its christmas. Everyone else is eating, so why cant I? Lol

Christmas is when people smile a lot, give a lot, laugh a lot, eat a lot and love a lot.

Have a wonderful christmas everyone. 😉



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Well, It’s been a while since I last updated my blog. Been kinda busy with here and there. Kahit wala naman akong ginagawa talaga hahaha.. Mahirap ang walang internet. But at least now my cousin finally decided to have an internet connection and joila! I’m back! And oh yes, I live with my cousins temporarily. And it’s a fun fun FUN day everyday.


It’s my birthday today and I have been celebrating it since yesterday. I love my family and friends for all the surprises and gifts they gave me. I still have a party with another group of friends on Saturday and Sunday. It’s a little bit tiring but everything is just so unbelievably FUN.

I slept last night at 3 in the orning and woke up at 20 ater 6. I was sleepy and had a moment of a bday day but hey! No one and nothing can make me feel bad on my day! I managed to keep that smile on my face.

I turned 25 today and it’s been bugging me that im nearing late 30’s but I still haven’t had invested on anything. But I have decided to put an end to the happy-go-lucky and spend here and there me. I’m reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and it awaken me from a very deep sleep of not thinking of saving at a very young age. This book is a must for the spenders out there. I’m halfway finishing the book and applying it on my life. I will start my billionaire dream TODAY!

Oh well, that’s all for now folks. I’m a little bit tired and sleepy but I will definitely going to bed with a big SMILE on my face and i’ll try to keep it that way.

ABS-CBN Christmas Station ID 2012 Recording

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Yet another Christmas Station ID hit to be…


click to watch the video

All-star nanaman ang recording ng ABS-CBN sa bago nilang Christmas Station ID. Inaabangan ng lahat yearly and mga station IDs ng ABS-CBN dahil bukod sa magandang music arrangement ay maganda rin ang mga nilalaman nito. I’m sure magiging viral nanaman toh sa mga social networking sites.

Isa sa mga naging parte ng bagong station ID ay ang kaunaunahang Grand Winner ng XFactor Philipines na si KZ tandingan. Nandito din sina Zsa Zsa Padilla, Vina Morales, ANgeline Quinto, Christian Bautista, Aiza Seguerra, Martin Nieverra, Jed Madela, Bamboo at syempre si Sarah Geronimo at marami pang iba.

This Guy’s In Love With U Mare (Movie Review)

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Well it wasnt as good as I expected it to be. May mga KILIG moments sina Vice and Toni (kasi maraming napapa ’uuuuuuyyyy!) at sina Vice and Luis din.

But I personally think na maganda ang story. Maraming makakarelate sa mga nasa third sex especially those of whom na pinagdaanan ang same situation. Some of the funny parts were shown sa trailer kaya di na sya laughable masyado pero ayus parin sya. If I were to choose between Praybeyt Benjamin and This Guy’s In Love with You Mare i’ll choose the former. Nonetheless Its still a good watch. Only I had lots of distractions with the other movie goers. They don’t know how to practice proper cinema etiquettes. I literally counted the phone calls na ginawa ng nasa tabi ko, likod ko, harap ko at sa iba pang seats. At ang mga cell phones ah! Okay lang sana may sound kung BEEP ONCE lang hindi yung OA na Standard Nokia Message Alert Tone, nakakasira ng tawa.

Ayoko magbigay ng spoiler baka maraming magalit. Lol.

Anyways, I still recommend this movie para sa gustong magtanggal ng stress at tumawa lang. Its a 6 out of 10 for me. Yun lang. 😉

UPDATE: I got the comments and reactions of my cousins and some friends who watched it with me sabi nila mas maganda daw to kaysa sa Praybeyt Benjamin. I guess ako lang ang nagsabi na mas nagenjoy ako sa Praybeyt Benjamin. Lol Just watch it and tell me what you think of the movie. 😉